Just a quick post - to share some sketches and inspiration from my instagram feed. I love all the inspiration from seeing photographs / sketches and snippets of people's lives from all over the world. I use Instagram a lot to post sketches and ideas, and I love to follow like minded people. You can find me here: MELLORHARRIET



Here are a few sketches that I have been posting on instagram (apologies if you have already seen them) as part of the inktober project where you create and post an ink sketch / drawing every day for the month of October. I love the simplicity of ink drawings. It has been a lot of fun -  looking back I seem to have drawn a lot of houses and trees, though a donkey did make it in there too ! There is a link to my instagram page on the right hand side of this blog. Photo 27-10-14 00 25 39


This week I am on holiday in Corsica, it's just beautiful. Steeply forested hills and mountains and gorgeous beaches and crystal clear water. I have had a lot of fun sketching with pens, watercolour pencils and pastels, and being away from the computer has been refreshing. Here are a few of the sketches - you may already have seen some of them on instagram if you follow me there...Photo 05-10-14 10 52 55Photo 06-10-14 23 23 51 Photo 07-10-14 18 02 43Photo 06-10-14 09 56 26Photo 08-10-14 15 54 29Photo 05-10-14 17 58 29