Semi Final of GTS - I need your vote !

So, I was really thrilled that my piece 'Forever summer' got me through to the semifinal of Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search. Now there are just 50 artists in this next round, and there will be just 6 going through to the next. Nerve-wracking stuff ! The judges will choose 5 finalists and one place will go to the 'people's choice' , which is determined by a public vote on the online gallery. So... I am asking that if you like my piece, then please please vote for me! I would be so thrilled to make it through to the next round. Here is a link to the gallery: gtstwobuttons

This is my piece:


The brief was to create a t-shirt with an animal character for a young child. I swung back and forth for a few days between dogs, elephants, birds etc, before deciding on the rabbit. My thinking behind it is the idea that magic is everywhere - hence the butterflies and flora bursting out of the hat along with the rabbit. And the stars add a bit of magic too.

I literally drew and redrew the rabbit about 50 times. I wanted to get that expression just right: friendly, sweet, not sickly-sweet, slightly old fashioned and engaging. I hope I succeeded ! The ears make him look almost hare-like but I really do like them like that . I also swung back and forth on the colour palette, literally driving myself crazy. But I got there eventually !

Here is a closeup of the rabbit in the hat and some sketches:


rabbitsketches textsketches

I have bought a lot of children's clothes over the last few years, as I have a 7 year old daughter and 5 year old boy. So what I tried to create was something I would buy. I love Boden and Joules and it would be such a dream to produce a design that might one day end up on one of their pieces ! I created some patterns for the sleeves, and also a nice satchel. There is also a  rectangle of stickers or badges that could be used to decorate accessories. All in all I had a great time making this piece. As to what happens next it is out of my hands. I am so happy to have made it this far and it all depends what the judges are looking for. The best of luck to everyone taking part !