Something for the boys

Harriet Mellor FERRYSo much of what I do is quite feminine with flowers and things, this piece was created with boys in mind ! Especially mine who is 5 years old. The MATS bootcamp assignment this month was wall art with a nautical theme. I knew straight away that I wanted to do a cross section of a ferry. A couple of times a year we make a road trip back to England - on 'The England Ferry Boat' which travels overnight from Rotterdam in Holland to Hull in England. It's great fun and the children absolutely love it. This ferry is more of a Nordic ferry, I am thinking of people setting off on great adventures with camping, canoeing, lakes and mountains and of course ice creams. One day I would love to travel on a ferry like this. Now we are starting the summer holidays here and so wishing everyone a wonderful summer full of adventures, fun and of course lots of ice creams !