This week the challenge was to design a map of our local area / town for the editorial market. I chose to do a section between Ruppertshain and Koenigstein that I drive  about 4 times a day. It is a beautiful drive, past Koenigstein with great views of the castle, past a natural spring on the right hand side where people are constantly filling their bottles and then up through the forest to Ruppertshain. From here the views stretch down all the way to Frankfurt, with fields, forests and orchards. 
This drive through the forest never ceases to amaze me in all seasons whether it is blanketed in snow or lush with green leaves. I have encountered deer, birds of prey, a family of wild boar and the occasional police speed trap !
There are endless paths winding through the forest, where I walk our dogs and children. Anyway enough waffle, here is my map:

It is a big responsibility drawing a map of a place where you have not lived for long. I found myself worrying if things were accurate, what did I leave out, what would native Germans who have lived here all their lives think...
But at the end of the day this map is a map for me, and artistic license is just fine ! 
I would love to do some more of the local area, towns and villages. It is so beautiful here and I feel very lucky that we can be in the midst of all this gorgeous nature and yet only 20 minutes from Frankfurt and the airport etc.
Here are some close ups (the hot air balloon design is inspired the painted designs on the bembel apple wine jugs):